Testimonial By Ron & Yvonne Benson

Reference for Homes by Kimberly - August 1, 2012

1. Were you happy with the quality of services you received from them?

We are very happy with the services David and Laurel of Homes by Kimberly provided us. Their design work, construction, and overall project management is professional and of very high quality.

2. What were the services they provided you?

  • Homes by Kimberly designed our home with input from us, prepared the lot which requited extensive archaeology and tree removal, built the house, including a challenging foundation requirement related to the archaeology, and provided overall general management for the project. Given the significant challenges the lot presented and our absence from the site, we could not have successfully completed the project without competent professional and honest stewardship acting on our behalf. Homes by Kimberly provided this management for us very well.

  • Throughout the project, Homes by Kimberly was in constant contact with us via email and telephone for consultation and advice. Laurel provided extensive interior design advice and produced an interior just as we wanted.

  • Over a year after the project was completed, we still consult with Homes by Kimberly and use their services for various additional projects (staining the large deck, designing and building interior millwork, etc).

3. Did they keep to their original time schedule?

Yes. They managed the project very well.

4. Did the project stay within the budget?

Yes. Any questions we had were willingly accepted and dealt with to our satisfaction. There were no budget issues throughout the project.

5. Would you use their services again in the future?

Absolutely. In fact, we still do use them as mentioned above.

6. Did you get the dream home you wanted?

Yes. We are very happy with the project. We wanted to maximize the ocean view into the design which they accomplished very well. They do excellent millwork which is evident throughout the home. The construction quality is what you would expect from a competent custom home builder.

7. Any other comments or suggestions you feel like sharing.

We feel we were very fortunate to have found Laurel and David. Given we were residing in Alberta at the time, we put our trust in them to manage the whole project. They did an excellent job for us.